This table shows the size, in acres, of four large water parks. What is

This table shows the size, in acres, of four large water parks. What is the median of the sizes of the four water parks? 60 acres 63 acres 64 acres 65 acres Park Size (in Acres) A 66 B 70 C 60 D 60

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The median of this list of numbers is 63.5 acres (not given).

The median of a set of data is the middle value. If you order the 4 numbers you have:

60  63  64  65

The middle is in between 63 and 64, therefore the median is 63.5.

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65 i think

Step-by-step explanation:

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Ming wrote the table of points below. x y 5 10 10 20 15 30 Which explains whether or not Ming has described a proportional relationship, and why? Ming has described a proportional relationship because the ordered pairs are linear and the line passes through the origin. Ming has not described a proportional relationship. Although it is a linear relationship, it does not pass through the origin. Ming has not described a proportional relationship. Although it passes through the origin, it is not a linear relationship. Ming has described a proportional relationship because the line does not pass through the origin.
Solution 1


Option A.

Step-by-step explanation:

The given table is

x       y

5     10

10     20

15     30

From the given table it is clear that the value of y increases by 10 when the value of x increases by 5. It means the rate of change is constant.

So, the given table represents a linear relationship.

If a linear function passes through the two points then the equation of line is


The linear function passes through (5,10) and (10,20), so the equation of line is





For x=0,


It means it passes through the origin, i.e., (0,0).

Ming has described a proportional relationship because the ordered pairs are linear and the line passes through the origin.

Therefore, the correct option is A.

Solution 2
This is a proportional relationship.

If you drew the points and made a line, it would pass through the origin. Also, all you need to do is multiply the x value by 2 and you have the y-value.
What is the total cost of $ 2.95 notebook plus 5 %
Solution 1
First, you convert 5% to decimal. For your info, percents are always equal to 100. So, you divide 5 by a 100, which gives you 0.05. Then, you multiply 2.95 by 0.05. 2.95 x 0.05 is 0.1475 which is about 0.15. Then, you add 0.15 to 2.95. The total cost of a $2.95 notebook plus 5% is about $3.10.

PLEASE HELP!!! Explain why the graph of quadratic function could not contain both a minimum vertex and maximum vertex at the same time. Your explanation should be 3-4 sentences and include at least 6 of the following words. -parabola -U-shaped graph -vertex -minimum -maximum -Y-value of the vertex -X-value of the vertex -quadratic function
Solution 1
A parabola, a graph of a quadratic function, cannot have a maximum vertex and a minimum vertex at the same time because of the shape of the graph.  A parabola is a u-shaped graph.  The vertex of the parabola is the point where the u changes direction; if it was increasing, it starts to decrease, and if it was decreasing, it starts to increase.  Since a parabola only changes direction once, there will either be a minimum or a maximum, not both.
Solution 2




Step-by-step explanation:

PLEASE HELP!!!!! I WILL FAIL MATH IF I DONT GET THIS RIGHT!!! WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!!!! What is 60 scaled down by a factor of 1/10? ERGENT
Solution 1
You can do this a number of ways.
The first way is to set up a proportion. That's very formal, and is most respected.

x / 60 = 1 / 10 The proportion is reduced by a factor of 10. Cross Multiply.
10 * x = 60 * 1 
10x = 60  Divide by 10
x = 60/10 
x = 6

Multiply by the scale factor.
Beginning number * scale factor = Final result.
60 * 1/10  = Final Result
60 * 1 / 10 = Final Result
Final Result = 6

This method words even when the numbers are quite complicated.

Explain in real life scenario in which opposite quantities combine together to make 0.
Solution 1
You owe someone $45.75 which is -45.75. You are able to pay that person the $45.75 which is positive and equivalent to the amount of money you owe. Add them together and you will get 0, meaning you don't owe them any money anymore.
Look at Hayley's budget below. Find the percentages associated with each category of her budget: Monthly net income: $3,000 Expenses: Housing: $815.00 Healthcare: $225.00 Transportation: $625.00 Utilities: $110.00 Food: $375.00 Student Loan Payment: $270.00 Savings: $250.00 Other Expenses: $330.00 20 points!! Please put them in percents!!
Solution 1

Housing: $815.00 

Healthcare: $225.00 

Transportation: $625.00 

Utilities: $110.00 
The percentage of money that she uses in her expenses from her budget are:
Food: $375.00 = 
375 is 12.5% of 3000

Student Loan Payment: $270.00 =
270 is 9% of 3000

Savings: $250.00 =
250 is 8.33333333333% of 3000

Other Expenses: $330.00=
330 is 11% of 3000

Plz branliest

The Daytona 500 is a 500-mile Nascar race that normally takes about 3.5 hours to complete. How many minutes does it take to complete this 500-mile race? What is the Order of Magnitude of the number of seconds it takes to complete the race?
Solution 1

We have been given that it takes  3.5 hours to complete 500-mile Nascar race.

We know that

1 hour = 60 minutes

and 1 hour = 3600 seconds.

Therefore, when we calculate the time taken in minutes we need to multiply 3.5 to 60 and to find the time to complete the race in seconds we need to multiply 3.5 by 3600.

Thus, the time taken to complete the race 3.5\times 60 = 210 \text{ minutes}

Hence, it takes 210 minutes to complete the race.

Now, let us find the time in seconds. The number of seconds to complete the race is

3.5\times 3600\\
= 1.26\times 10^4

Therefore, the order of magnitude of the number of seconds is 4.

Solution 2
210 minutes.
10^4 seconds.
A school buys pens and pencils from a supplier. The supplier charges $0.05 for each pencil and $0.25 for each pen. The school pays $440 for the pens and pencils. If the school bought 1500 pencils, how many pens did the school buy?
Solution 1
Hi there! The answer is 1460 pens

The school pays $440 for the pens and pencils.
If the school bought 1500 pencils, their total expense on pencils can be found by multiplying the amount of pencils, by the price per pencil.

1500 pencils  \times 0.05 = 75
Therefore, the total expense on pencils is $75. Now we can calculate that there is $440 - $75 = $365 left for buying pens.

To finally find the amount of pens bought, we need to divide our remaining budget by the price per pen.

365 : 0.25 = 1460
Hence, the school bought 1460 pens. 
Solution 2


the school bought 1300 pens

Step-by-step explanation:

Abel uses a probability simulator to roll a six-sided number cube 100 times and to flip a coin 100 times. The results of the experiment are shown below: Number on the Cube Number of Times Rolled 1 12 2 18 3 30 4 22 5 10 6 8 Heads Tails 34 66 Using Abel's simulation, what is the probability of rolling a 2 on the number cube and the coin landing on tails?
Solution 1
He running of the simulation serves to give us an approximate probability of each of the outcomes, so in this case, P(Tails)=66/100 and P(2)=18/100.The probability of two independent things occurring can be written as P(A)*P(B).Therefore, the probability of a 2 and tails is (66/100)*(18/100)=0.1188= 1188/10000

Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

the guy above me explains the answer.

Arrange these numbers from least to greatest: -5/8, -7/9, -4/5, -3/7 A. -7/9 -5/8 -3/7 -4/5 B. -4/5 -7/9 -5/8 -3/7 C. -4/5 -5/8 -7/9 -3/7 D. -3/7 -4/5 -5/8 -7/9
Solution 1
For this question, the easiest way is to find the decimal for each fraction. 
so you can say: 
-5/8 = -0.6 
-7/9 = -0.7 
-4/5 = -0.8 
-3/7 - -0.4 
and because they are all negative numbers so from the least to the greatest will be: 
-4/5 < -7/9 < -5/8 < -3/7 
so the answer is B :)))
i hope this is helpful 
have a nice day 
Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

you have to find the common denominator  or turn it into a decimal