Solve for x. x2=9 x=3 x=4.5 x=18 x=81

Solve for x. x2=9 x=±3 x=±4.5 x=±18 x=±81

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Solution 1

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Square root of 9 is 3
X= ±3

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Isha has a previous balance of $493
Solution 1
So put aside that $93 dollars for you to spend on your own
What number is 8.0007 • 10 ^6 in scientific notation?
Solution 1

Take the decimal and move it six spaces to the right.
Solution 2

Answer is 8000700

Hope it helped you.

The actual income for this month has been reduced 200
Solution 1
No answer choices given but i think this is it.......This budget can be modified by increasing the amount spent on food and utilities and decreasing the amount spent on clothes and rent, thereby maintaining a positive actual net income. 
F(x)=x 3 −6f, left parenthesis, x, right parenthesis, equals, x, start superscript, 3, end superscript, minus, 6 h(x)=\sqrt[\Large3]{2x-15}h(x)= 3 2x−15 ​ h, left parenthesis, x, right parenthesis, equals, root, start index, 3, end index, square root of, 2, x, minus, 15, end square root Write f(h(x))f(h(x))f, left parenthesis, h, left parenthesis, x, right parenthesis, right parenthesis as an expression in terms of xxx. f(h(x))=f(h(x))=f, left parenthesis, h, left parenthesis, x, right parenthesis, right parenthesis, equals
Solution 1
For this case we have the following functions:
 F (x) = x ^ 3-6
 h (x) = 3 ^ root (2x-15)
 Doing the composition of functions we have:
 f (h (x)) = (3 ^ root (2x-15)) ^ 3-6
 Rewriting we have:
 f (h (x)) = 2x-15 - 6
 f (h (x)) = 2x-21
The compound function f (h (x)) is given by:
f (h (x)) = 2x-21
Solution 2

2x - 21


How does tan 135 degrees compare to tan -135 degrees
Solution 1
Evaluating the tangent function for the two values we obtain the following:
tan 135=tan(135+180)=tan 315=-1

tan -135=tan(180-135)=tan 45=1
thus comparing the two we see that tan 135 is negative while tan -135 is positive
Solve the system of equations below x-2y=3 2y-3y=9
Solution 1
First you solve 2y-3y=9.
2y - 3y = 9 \\ subtract \: 2y \: and \: 3y \\  - y = 9 \\  divide \: by \:  - 1 \\ y =  - 9
Now that you have y, then you substitute y into x-2y=3 to find X

x - 2( - 9) = 3 \\ multiply \:  - 9 \times  - 2 \\ x + 18 = 3 \\ subtract \: 18 \: on \: both \: sides \\ x =  - 15
Your solution is (-15, -9)
Instructions:Select the correct answer. Which function is the inverse of f(x)=50000(0.8)^x
Solution 1
To solve this problem you must follow the proccedure shown below:

 1. You have the following function given in the problem:


 2. You can rewrite it as below:


 3. Then, you must apply interchange the variables:


 4. Now, you have:


 5. When you apply ln you obtain:


 6. Now, clear y:

"7 less than a number t" written as an algebraic expression is:
Solution 1

Answer: The expression for the given statement is t-7

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given a statement:

7 less than a number t

Let the number be considered as 't'

'Less' in the above statement means subtraction operation.

The numerical value written before the 'less' operation is written after in the expression.

Thus, the expression for the given statement is t-7

How do you do a probability tree? How do you start it? How do I get all my percentages to add up to 100? Please help guys, this is for a project. I need to know the steps on how to do one or I'll funk the class.
Solution 1

why you just give the question give the question && the answer !!!

Solution 2


why you just give the question give the question && the answer !!!

The truth table represents statements p, q, and r. p q r q ∧ r A T T T T B T T F F C T F T F D T F F F E F T T T F F T F F G F F T F H F F F F If p is false, which row represents when p ∨ (q ∧ r) is true?
Solution 1


q ∧ r : q and r

q      r        q∧r

T      T         T

T       F          F

F       T          F

F        F          F

p ∨ (q∧r)

p OR (q AND r)

p          q∧r          p∨(q∧r)

F           T∧  T=T      T

F            F∧T = F      F

F             T ∧ F=F      F

F             F ∧ F =F      F

If P is false , The row which represents  when p ∨ (q ∧ r) is true is →→F T T T

Which is Option E.    

Solution 2


option e

Step-by-step explanation: