Simplify and factories 16g + 32h - 48g - 40h

Simplify and factories 16g + 32h - 48g - 40h

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Solution 1

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2 months ago
For this question you can say:
16g - 48g = -32g 
and 32h - 40h = -8h 
so you will have: 
-32g - 8h and you can factor -8 so you will have: 
-8(4g + h) :)))
i hope this is helpful 
have a nice day 

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Find the value of sin2a, if tana=-12/5 in the fourth quadrant
Solution 1
\tan a=-\dfrac{12}5

Recall the following identities:


from which we get


Since a is in the fourth quadrant \left(\dfrac{3\pi}2 we know that \cos a should be positive, so when we take the square root here, we should take the positive root.

\implies\cos a=\sqrt{\dfrac{25}{169}}=\dfrac5{13}

Now recall that


and since a is in the fourth quadrant, we expect \sin a to be negative. So,

\sin^2a=1-\cos^2a=\dfrac{144}{169}\implies\sin a=-\sqrt{\dfrac{144}{169}}=-\dfrac{12}{13}

One final identity:

\sin2a=2\sin a\cos a

from which we get

the weight of a nickel is 80% of the weight of a quarter.if a nickel weighs 5grams how much does a quarter weigh?
Solution 1
Just divide 100% by 80% and multiply that answer by 5. I'm pretty sure that's how you do it.
Find the product (x-y) (8x+y)
Solution 1
x - y 
^ - ^
3 - 9 I think that's the answer I'm not too sure because you didn't provide me your answer but hope this helps .

The Mulraney's home has 2,550 square feet of living space. A contractor is building an addition to their home that will increase the square footage by 8%. What will be the square footage of their home with the addition?
Solution 1
First we have to find out how much the Mulraney's square footage increases with the addition.  To do this, we should multiply the percent of expansion, 8% (0.08) by their current square footage (2, 550)

0.08 * 2,550 = 204

This means that the addition is adding 204 square feet to the Mulraney's house.

To find the total number of square footage, we just add the original (2,550 feet) to the addition (204).

2,550 + 204 = 2754

Therefore, the square footage of the Mulraney's home with the addition is 2754 square feet.
Write the worlds as an algebraic expression. the width plus twelve. how do i do it?
Solution 1
Answer: X + 12

It's asking us to write the words as an algebraic expression. "The width plus twelve." For starters, we don't know what the width is, so we use a variable, X. Now we add 12. So we use X + 12. The width is X, plus twelve.

Solution 2
X + 12 correct

You have to find x then add 13
The product of two numbers is 24 negative if one of the factor is -6 what is the other factors
Solution 1
The other factor is 4 because if you multiply a negative with a positive, you'll get a negative. -6 * 4 will give you - 24.
Find the product of two numbers whose sum is 11 and difference is 3.
Solution 1

The two numbers are 7 and 4

Let the first number = x

let the second number = y

The sum of the numbers is 11, in algebra form x + y  = 11

The difference of the two numbers is 3, in algebra form, x - y = 3

To obtain the two unknown numbers, we solve the two equations;

from the first equation, x = 11 - y

substitute the value of x into the last equation;

(11 - y) - y = 3

11 - y - y = 3

11 - 2y = 3

2y = 11 - 3

2y = 8

y = 4

The value of x = 11 - 4 = 7

Thus, the two numbers are 7 and 4

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Solution 2
All you would do is minus what you have, like 11-3= 8 which would be 8+3=11 and 11-8=3 which means now you have the sum of 11 and the difference of 3.
Runyon Company sells T-shirts ($5) and shorts ($6). If total sales were $1,040 and people bought 4 times as many T-shirts as shorts, what was the total number of T-shirts and shorts sold
Solution 1
You answer would be 4,160 and you get the answer by multiplying 1,040 and 4 and you get 4,160


during a flu epidemic,146 students out of 680 who attend Lincoln middle school were absent. what percent were absent?
Solution 1
21% were absent, if you divide 146 by 680 and multiply by 100, then round to the nearest whole number, you get 21
Lara solved an equation incorrectly, as shown below: Step 1: 2x = 18 Step 2: x = 18 − 2 Step 3: x = 16 Which statement best explains why Step 2 is incorrect in Lara's solution? A) She did not divide 18 by 2. B)She did not add 2 to 18. C)She did not multiply 18 by 2. D) She did not multiply 18 two times.
Solution 1

We have been given the steps to solve the equation as

Step 1: 2x = 18

Step 2: x = 18 − 2

Step 3: x = 16

There is an error in step 2.

We have 2x=18

x is in multiplication with 2. So in order to get rid of 2 from the left hand side, we perform opposite operation of multiplication i.e. division.

So we must divide both sides by 2.

Therefore, A is the correct option.

A) She did not divide 18 by 2.

Solution 2
The answer is b. 18/2=9