John's dog weighted 7 pounds when we got him. The dog's weight tripled

John's dog weighted 7 pounds when we got him. The dog's weight tripled each year for two years. How many ounces does John's dog now weigh?

2 months ago

Solution 1

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2 months ago
If the dog weighed 7 pounds at first then its times 3 for each year for 2 years.
7*3*3=63 pounds and converting pounds to ounces, 63 pounds is 1,008 ounces.

Solution 2

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2 months ago
21 pounds

7 pounds x 3(tripled) = 21 pounds

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do you ahve and choices

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substitute the given a & b values in expression

=3.14((3)^2 + (3*4))
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ANSWER: 65.94

Hope this helps! :)
Solution 2




Step-by-step explanation:

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9 x 3 is 27 So multiply the denominator x 3 and you will get 45/27
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