all play bazaar lucky no

all play bazaar lucky no 

आज बदलेगी आपकी किस्मत किसी भी गेम की लीक जोड़ी पाने के लिए अभी व्हाट्सएप करें 7042079439 

3500 रूपए एडवांस पास होने के बाद आपको 1500 देने होंगे, जोड़ी पास होने की पूरी गारंटी ली जाएगी अगर हमारी जोड़ी फैल होती है तो आपके पैसे बापस कर दिए जाएंगे हमने हजारों लोगों की जोड़ी पास कराई है ओर वो लोग आज भी हमसे जोड़ी लेते उसके बदले मुझे पैसे देते हैं। 

आप एक बार हमारे पास जरूर आएं उसके बाद आप अपने आप आओगे। 

Special - After this article was published, we started getting calls everyday to know the speculative number. 
Please pay special attention - This article is for awareness of evils like Satta, Matka, gambling etc. Not to encourage them. No one gets rich from betting. Neither one's problems are solved. Therefore, by taking its opposite meaning, do not call to know the number of betting pot, etc.
This site only teaches the activities of santmath, enlightenment and yoga meditation.

You should not call for any kind of speculative lottery gambling etc.
As mentioned in this comment, Ramapri Das Baba of Nizamabad. Those who used to tell the price of Matka (Satta) or the stock market of the next day and the city Seths had a line in front of their place.
Due to frequent interaction and deep contact with different types of sadhus, at least in this case, I know very well the pole of the sadhus.
It is not that there are no such mantras or siddhis or that sages do not tell them to any 'needy'. But as it is written in this comment and often most of the hypocrites have made it a source of cheap popularity and income. He is completely wrong. There is a sense to say that no one should be a perfect man. If he regularly uses it privately, then the results will never come true. And first of all why a perfect man or mantra will do it?
In this regard, the false Baba makes a clever argument that - no mantra or siddhi can be used for personal gain. That is why they take their share only indirectly while doing charity.
With this comment of Naresh Arya, I remembered that part of my past. In which there were few hours of Sohbat made of such babas and I felt that by at least familiarizing them with the hypocrisy of Babas on this subject, I can fulfill my duty to save people from waste and fall.
What is Satta or Matka - Just like the number in the lottery, the last digit of the lottery number is 10 digits from 1 to 0 and when that last digit is matched it becomes about 10 times. And if not, 10% of the knot is also applied. On receiving the same number of points up to ten then again there is an increase in the prize money and further three numbers are the 1st 2nd 3rd prize.
Similarly, the pot counts from 1 to 100. In which 99 points (which players often call 'home') are of the player playing matka and 1 player is of the player. Depending on the number of different matka padis, the payment ranges from Rs 80 to Rs 95 for 1 rupee. That means, straight from 1 rupees to 80 to 95 times or then you go 1 rupee at all.
Now understand the matka business - according to informed sources, they have a collection agent as a type of commission on commissions from small villages to the cities. There is no need to apply for this. Just take the money and the desired number of the customer and make a slip. Collect the collected money and numbers on a big key pad and get the payment in the morning when the number arrives. 
And understand - suppose, different people put a total deposit of Rs 500 on 20 numbers. Some one may have invested 5 rupees or some 100 rupees. The collection agent simply writes the rupee in front of that number in a register with a form that counts from 1 to 100, and after the booking is closed, collects the money on different numbers and sends it to the main seat. Meaning if 100 people played a total of Rs 1000 on 6 numbers, then for the main seat, it would be only one food with entry of Rs 1000 on 6 numbers.
Further, the small agent does the work by making the number of different persons a number. The same thing is done for the collection of small padis with the main padding. For example, let us collect a collection of 10 000 at 8 numbers from 50 small paddies. So the number in 50 mines and his total will be 10 000 in front of 8 numbers in his sheet.
Similarly, all the cities connected with that chain are only given a brief description of the number and cost money above it, and these big boxes also do not know how much money is put on which number or which number is the lowest. Money is invested.
Surprisingly, the total money collected and the numbers related to it reach the Chief Collector around twelve o'clock at night. That means marks from 1 to 100 and different money placed on them. Understand, you only do two mines, in which only one count is recorded and in the other, the money is recorded on it.
The chief collector only does so much - on which number is the least money. The same number is opened for the next day (about five minutes after receiving the list). Because it has to pay the lowest.
Special - It often happens that for a few months, no number is opened on a certain area and the bookies of that area start feeling indifferent to the speculation. Then, by marking such areas, the number of more planted there is deliberately opened and the bookies get excited again.
Now the cleverness of the Nambari Babas - except the exception really, these Babas would not have done any mantra or any accomplishment. Rather, they are also bookies familiar with the mathematics of bookies and their mentality. Can not even use rhyme in it. Because they do not even grin. Rather a mind trick.
As I said, these Baba people also keep a book and complete assessment of the number of visits and on the same basis (according to the average count of attendees) prepare about 40 estimated numbers daily (sometimes 60-70) and According to the instruction to different people that - do not tell anyone, they give different numbers.
Now you would think that if not even one of the 40 numbers came?
No, actually 40 numbers given in the bet are changed to 100. And one in 100 is sure to come.
How - The bookies have a speculative math mentality behind it. Suppose some baba told 31 lucky numbers. So along with putting it, the bookmaker will also install 69. Which came on subtracting 31 out of 100 and in their language is called 'Baqi'. Apart from this, 13 will also be installed. Which is the inverse of 31. The players are called 'overturned'.
In this way, 3 main numbers of 1 number have become predominantly and small possibilities are added separately to it. But if we take only 3 numbers of 1 and 'Ye Baba' decide 40 numbers. Then automatic 120 numbers are created. 1 of which is to be decided.
And when such numbers are opened, they are called 'Siddha'.
- There is more mathematics. The numbers that have arrived in the last 2 days are often removed. In this way, only 98 numbers are left out of 100 (although according to the 'ByChans' principle, they are also invested with very little money on the basis of total cost to come by chance. In a way, the original amount of investment is returned). 100 is very low. If there is an exception, it is reduced to 1 more.
Because my aim is not to give you 'Satta Shastra' knowledge but to introduce you to the tricks of Satta Baba. So Baba adopts another 'way'. Which is called 'Ramuz' in their language.
What is Ramuz - Ramuz is actually called natural signs. These are the signs. Which looked different to the player doing something strange and hinting and especially when he was thinking about the possible number of the next day. Only then was seen immediately. Like - the umbrella was hanging on the wire. The woman was feeding the child. Man was carrying buffalo / milking etc. Any scene or event.
Now, like 'numerology' in this, he has fixed numbers from 1 to 0 for everyone. Like a woman's 8 man's 1 child's 4 etc. Similarly, there are also animals and other inanimate objects. And then which digit is formed in the first or last letter of the object or man. All of this is considered.
Now for example, as the umbrella was hung on the wire. So here wire (ka 3) and umbrella (ka 6) are the main ones and this is something different. Because there is usually no umbrella on the wire. Therefore, the bookmaker will put 36 numbers with big money as lucky number. And the smaller multiplication part together.
You will feel strange and do not say that I am encouraging. Such strange signs seen by themselves many times than Baba's come true. An example that happened to my knowledge. I will tell you .
A teller's shop was debated in the market and after the execution of that tu tu main main, one of them took a heavy wooden chair and went to the house 5 km away. Take note So the thing is strange. Which is usually not seen. 
There were also some speculative players and they played a big claim by putting a man (Ka 8) and a chair (Ka 7). Was very curious about the result and believe it. The next day only the exact number 87 opened.
In some other event, man's number is 1, but on the basis of which maths did the players know, 1 is 8 and the math is right. You will talk to a mature bookie. So you will be surprised that they also have very good speculative mathematics.
When Baba Be Kind - Many small incidents like this happen. 1 is particularly notable. About 32 years ago, an almost poor man used to live on a flag by selling sugarcane juice through Takht tarpaul. In the lonely June and a couple of twenties, a simple (meaning Baba did not even think properly) man with almost dirty clothes came to him and said - he is feeling very thirsty. Was evident He could not buy. Otherwise, he would have given a direct order.
The juice seller offered him two glasses of juice without the hope of benefiting from the whole religious spirit. After that, did the man ask for further? But the seller felt the juice. It is not satisfied yet. So this time he filled only 1 lota. This man was really satisfied.
And he said with inner happiness - I want to give you something. Put as much money as you can on this number (25). But he did not have as much money as 'as much'. So at that time, he sold all his goods like crusher in 5000.
And the second morning his life started with 5 lakhs. Full 100% payment is made on big amount.
Special - Attention. Such incidents occur accidentally (sometimes without thinking) and sometimes in disastrous conditions. Therefore, do not ever accept speculation, gambling, etc. every day and thinking of earning money in greed and haraam. It is always degenerative in every way.